Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action seeks to remove barriers that limit those in protected classes.

UNI has set goals to increase the recruitment, employment, retention, and promotion of protected classes. UNI’s Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) measures improvements made in hiring, training, and promotion of women and minorities in all areas of the University. Recruitment and employment procedures are monitored to ensure diversity objectives are being met and equal opportunity guidelines are adhered to. OCEM prepares the AAP annually. 

As part of its affirmative action efforts, OCEM oversees the search and selection process to ensure equal opportunity. OCEM reviews all requisitions, applicant pools and selections for interviews, and alternative search processes.

OCEM also provides search consultation and is available to answer questions related to equal opportunity and affirmative action, including providing information or ideas based on data in the AAP. 

President Nook’s Reaffirmation Statement (PDF)

2020 Affirmative Action Plan Annual Report to Board of Regents (PDF)