Office of Compliance and Equity Management


EverFi Announcement 

The University of Northern Iowa is now partnering with EverFi to deliver our harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct training courses.  If you received an email about training from our previous vendor, WeComply, but did not complete the assignments before March 1st, 2018, you will now need to complete the training via EverFi.  Employees have received emails if they are required to take the training this year.

To access the training, visit

EverFi FAQ's

I lost my email assignment. How do I access my assigned courses?

You may access it at Click on the Harassment and Discrimination Prevention course link. 

Who needs to take the new training? 

All new employees who did not complete the training via WeComply prior to March 1, 2018, or were hired after this date will now take the new training.  In addition, employees who took the prior training two or more years ago will also need to take the new training.

How will I know if I need to take the new training?

Employees who need to complete the new EverFi training will receive an email with more details and instructions on how to access and complete the training.

How often should an employee take the new training?

UNI follows the best practice of attending harassment prevention training at least once every two years.  With this new online offering, we will review the results and determine whether that practice needs to be modified in any way.  

I have a temporary employee who has not received a training assignment.  What should I do? 

If you have an employee who has not received the training assignment, temporary or otherwise, please contact OCEM at 3-2846 or

What should I do if I experience technical difficulties trying to access or complete the training? 

Please contact OCEM at 3-2846 or There is also technical support available online through Everfi at

Which browser should be used when completing the training?

Everfi recommends Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Individuals using older versions of Explorer may experience problems and may need to use an alternate browser.

What if I don't have access to a computer?

Please notify your supervisor who will help you obtain access to take the training during work hours. 

Why didn't I receive an email? 

Notifications are only sent to employees who need to take the training according to the two year schedule. 

What if I have other questions, comments, or concerns about the Everfi conversion or training?

Please contact OCEM at 3-2846 or While we are optimistic that the conversion to the new software will be a smooth transition, we recognize things do not always go as planned and there may be some issues along the way. We are here to help, so people do not hesitate to reach out to use so we may assist you. 

Can I find out about the progress of my Department (who has taken the training, etc.)?

Eventually.  IT will work on the reporting functionality once the system is operational.  We'll keep you updated on that progress.  If you need training data for your Department before you receive a report, please contact us at 3-2846 or