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We have developed this brief guide to assist you in navigating the new online training. If you have questions, though, please call the Office of Compliance and Equity Management (OCEM) at 3.2846 or email at  

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Guide to the buttons at the bottom of the screen:                                

     OT HELP 2Table of Contents. This allows you to return to previous sections.


     OT HELP 3 Enlarge or shrink text.


 OT HELP 4    This is the forward and back button. The numbers next to it indicate how many slides you     have viewed, and the total number of slides in the course. The center button pauses the program, or resumes play after you have paused.


   OT HELP 5This is the text/audio mode. If you want to just read the slides without audio, click the speaker button. To change back to audio, click it again. You may also have text along with audio.


OT HELP 6Click here to view UNI’s Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.


OT HELP 7You can always click here for a description of all the buttons.


OT HELP 8Occasionally you will see this icon at the bottom right of your screen. Clicking here will give you special notes or guide you to other related resources such as UNI policies.