How to Help

How to Act When Someone Discloses Information:

What to Do

• Offer support and listen to them

• Encourage them to seek help and counseling as soon as possible

• Report the Incident

• If safety is an immediate concern, call 911

What to Say

• “There are many resources available to help you, both at UNI and in the community.”

• “You have the right to choose to whom you will speak, what resources you will use, what you say and when you will say it.”

• “I may be required to report to the Title IX Officer, who will oversee your case and make sure you have received appropriate care.”

• “The Title IX Officer will keep your information private and will only share it with those who need to know in order to provide resources to you.” 


Get Involved
​Reporting Options
Tips for Employees
Tips for Friends and Family
Tips for Responding to Disclosures
Tips for Responding to Someone Accused