Prevention and Education


  • Request a Presentation
    • University of Northern Iowa Presentations by the OCEM (in-person or online)
    • On advocacy, consent policy, reporting responsibilities, etc
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Strategic Plan (SAPSP)
    • Create an event or start a project to be part of UNI’s SAPSP strategies to end sexual misconduct through Campus Education, Campus Communication and Awareness, and Campus Climate
  • Stay up-to-date with events, statistics, and university policies through the OCEM social media
    • Facebook: University of Northern Iowa OCEM @ uni.ocem
    • Instagram: UNI Panthers OCEM @ uni_ocem
    • Twitter: University of Northern Iowa – OCEM @ uni_ocem

The Art of CHANGE

C.H.A.N.G.E. (Challenging Harmful Assault Narratives through Group Expression) is an art exhibit that gives survivors and supporters a space to share their creative work concerning stigmas of sexual assault. 

What Were You Wearing

This exhibit asks observers to evaluate what enabled us as individuals or as a society to ever question, "What were you wearing?" to survivors of sexual assault. This art installation displays replications of outfits from stories of student survivors alongside a message from the survivor.

Training and Educational Opportunities

  • Online Everfi training
    • Students required to take the program (new, incoming first-year and transfer students), can access the program through MyUniverse. Please look for the Sexual Assault Prevention box on My Page and click "Go to the Online Program".
  • Riverview Center Volunteering
    • 24-hour hotline, medical advocacy, events, fundraisers, and office volunteers