Tips for Friends and Family

  • Whether you are speaking to a Complainant or Respondent, do not assume or judge, and listen to what they have to say. 
  • Be present in the moment with them to show you’re here for them.
  • Some example phrases to use when someone discloses information to you:
    • “There are many resources available to help you, both at UNI and in the community.”
    • “You have the right to choose to whom you will speak, what resources you will use, what you say and when you will say it.”
    • “I may be required to report to the Title IX Coordinator, who will oversee your case and make sure you have received appropriate care.”
    • “The Title IX Coordinator will keep your information private and will only share it with those who need to know in order to provide resources to you.” 
  • Utilize confidential resources on campus, within the community, and online if you need support: