Prevention and Education

Green Dot

Green Dot is an NISG-sponsored bystander intervention program focused on gender violence prevention. The goal of Green Dot is to decrease the likelihood of sexual assault, stalking, dating and domestic abuse. 


  • Request a Presentation
    • University of Northern Iowa Presentations by the OCEM (in-person or online)
    • On advocacy, consent policy, reporting responsibilities, etc
  • Sexual Assault Prevention Strategic Plan (SAPSP)
    • Create an event or start a project to be part of UNI’s SAPSP strategies to end sexual misconduct through Campus Education, Campus Communication and Awareness, and Campus Climate
  • Stay up-to-date with events, statistics, and university policies through the OCEM social media
    • Facebook: University of Northern Iowa OCEM @ uni.ocem
    • Instagram: UNI Panthers OCEM @ uni_ocem
    • Twitter: University of Northern Iowa – OCEM @ uni_ocem

The Art of CHANGE

C.H.A.N.G.E. (Challenging Harmful Assault Narratives through Group Expression) is an art exhibit that gives survivors and supporters a space to share their creative work concerning stigmas of sexual assault. Submissions are currently open for our Fall 2022 Exhibit!

What Were You Wearing

This exhibit asks observers to evaluate what enabled us as individuals or as a society to ever question, "What were you wearing?" to survivors of sexual assault. This art installation displays replications of outfits from stories of student survivors alongside a message from the survivor.

Training and Educational Opportunities

  • Online Voices for Change-Consent training
    • Students required to take the program (new, incoming first-year and transfer students), can access the program through Blackboard or Log-in using your CatID and password then navigate to the courses page on Blackboard and scroll down to Trainings.