Green Dot Training

Green Dot Overview (90 minutes) 

  • For students and employees. Each session will be geared towards either students or faculty and staff. 

    • The Green Dot Overview training session is a presentation that introduces basic elements of Green Dot while using skill building activities to keep participants engaged. The basic elements of the presentation are to provide a new/different framework of bystander intervention, to create campus-wide interest and participation, and begin the process of changing behaviors. The Green Dot Overview is open to any student, employee, or class on campus

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Green Dot Bystander Workshop (3 hours)

  • For students and employees who want a more in depth training of Green Dot (in addition to the Green Dot Overview).

    • The Green Dot Bystander training consists of brief lectures, individual reflection, small group interaction, and energetic activities. It is designed to use the lens of being a bystander as the primary frame of reference. This training is guided by the question “What does the participant(s) need to know in order to increase the likelihood of effective proactive and reactive bystander interventions in response to power-based interpersonal violence?”

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Green Dot Booster (60 minutes) 

  • Anyone who has done a Green Dot Overview, recommended annually.
    • The Green Dot Booster training is a booster training session created for individuals who have already completed the Green Dot Overview or Bystander Training sessions. This training session will use new activities and discussions to further develop skills and embolden participants.

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