Confidential Resources

Confidential Resources

Confidentiality refers to the protection of disclosed information in legally-protected settings. Privacy acknowledges discretion will be exercised in he course of an investigation or case. ​

Seek an Advocate. 

An advocate provides support and complete confidentiality, answers questions, gives information about options and additional resources, and assists with the options a complainant may choose to pursue.  All parties have the right to have an advocate/advisor attend appointments, meetings, and procedures with them.

Riverview Center Crisis Line & Sexual Assault Advocate (24/7 availability) – 800-557-0310 

Waypoint Services Crisis Line & Relationship Violence Advocate (24/ availability) – 800-208-0388 

Amani Community Service (African American Community) – 888-983-2533 

Monsoon Asians and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity – (515) 288-0881 

Seek a Counselor.

UNI Counseling Center (24/7 availability) – 319.273.2676