Rights of Parties

Policy 13.02 (PDF)

Reporting Options

Reports of discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation may be made using the following options.

Report to the Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Deputy Coordinator:

Leah Gutknecht, Assistant to the President for Compliance and Equity Management & Title IX Office



Kaylee Michelson, Assistant Director & Deputy Title IX Coordinator



Report online, using the reporting form at equity.uni.edu or safety.uni.edu.

Anonymous reports are accepted but can be difficult for the University to effectively respond.

A report is meant to alert the University of a concern.  A report does not constitute a Formal Complaint and does not launch an investigation. 

All administrators, faculty, and staff have the obligation to report incidents of sexual misconduct involving students to the UNI Title IX Coordinator or the UNI Title IX Deputy Coordinator.  Additional details about mandated reporting can be found here.  (See Section 16 of Policy 13.02) (PDF)