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Office of Compliance and Equity Management


Accessing the Training

Technology Difficulties

Who Should Take the Training

Completion Reports

Accessing the Training

Where do I access the online training?

To access the training go to and sign in using your CAT ID.

I have already completed my assigned training, but have received another e-mail assigning it to me again.  Do I have to take the training again?

If you have been promoted to a supervisory position, supervisory training will be assigned to you. If this does not apply to your situation and you have completed your training within the last year please contact OCEM, 3-2846, or

What if I don’t have access to a computer?
Please notify your supervisor who will help you obtain access to take the training during work hours. You may also take the training using other platforms, including laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Can I take the online training in a group meeting or classroom?
The training is designed to be taken individually. If you have trouble accessing a place to take the training, please notify your supervisor. Documentation of your training will occur only if you have completed the training via your individual username and password. If your department is interested in group training, please notify the Office of Compliance and Equity Management (OCEM) at 3-2846 or

Technology Difficulties

Why does the time stamp showing the time I finished the training appear to be exactly one hour off?

The completion time is shown in Eastern Standard Time, which is an hour ahead of Central Standard Time.

Why are the videos freezing/playing slowly?
You may need to clear the browser cache. In Internet Explorer, just select Tools--> Internet Options --> Temporary Internet Files--> Delete Files. If you're using a browser other than Internet Explorer, please refer to your browser's documentation for instructions on clearing the cache or contact your technical support person.

The trainings do require Adobe Flash 9 or better to be viewed. If you're unsure which version of Flash is installed on your computer, please visit Adobe's website to find out or contact your technical support person.

What should I do if the training module is running slow?
Please notify the OCEM, 3-2846 or

After my session, the screen showed the session I had completed but did not update right away to show that it was completed. What should I do?
If you exit the session altogether and log in again, the program will update to show which programs are complete.

Who Should Take the Training

Can students use the online training?
The online training is for faculty, staff and student-employees. All new students complete a similar training prior to enrolling for their first year.

Do I have to take the training?
We have a goal of having every UNI employee complete their assigned courses, within a month of their assignment. 

Completion Reports

Can I find out about the progress of my Department (who has taken the training, etc.)?

Absolutely. OCEM will be issuing completion reports to Department Heads on a regular basis. If you need training data for your Department before you receive a report, please contact us at 3-2846 or

At the end of the quiz there is something called a "bonus question.” If it’s a “bonus,” does that mean I can skip it?
No. The “bonus question” is the final question on the test and must be answered for completion.

How often should an employee take these courses?

UNI follows the best practice of attending harassment prevention training at least once every two years. With this new online offering, we will review the results and determine whether that practice needs to be modified in any way.