Title IX Team

It takes a community to carry out our equity efforts.

We have numerous partners across campus who support the work we do and help carry out the policies and procedures that frame our work. 

All of our Title IX team members go through extensive training to be prepared to carry out their duties. Training specific to our Title IX staff members can be viewed here:


Three Benefits of an Advisor

An advisor is a person chosen by a party or appointed by the institution to accompany the party to meetings related to the resolution process, to advise the party on that process and to conduct cross-examination for the party at the hearing, if any.


Understand policy.

Advisors can go over the policy with their party and process with them.


Provide guidance.

Advisors can help the parties prepare for the meetings and interviews.


Review and response.

Advisors can assist their party with reviewing investigation documents and with the development of the process.